What Should Guests Wear to a Garden Wedding?

An outdoor garden wedding is such an intimate and romantic setting. One cannot deny the allure of a rose garden wedding venue; it is a beautiful place for couples to tie the knot. Even if the marriage ceremony happens elsewhere, a garden wedding reception sets the mood for all in attendance. As a wedding guest, the last thing you want to do is feel underdressed. With that in mind, we will discuss general guidelines about what guests should wear at a garden wedding.

Overview of Garden Formal Attire

Even though you will be outside, a garden wedding should be treated differently than a casual backyard barbeque (no jeans allowed). Wedding guests still have to dress up, but when they are at a garden venue, they are more than welcome to wear brighter colors or floral patterns. Here are some general dress code guidelines for garden wedding attendees:


  • Suit jacket (light colored is fine, black or navy is not requisite)
  • Dress shirt (either white or another solid color)
  • Dress pants (can be light colored or a different color than the jacket if you like)
  • A belt or suspenders (no suit jacket if wearing suspenders)
  • Tie or bowtie (can feature a brighter solid color or a floral pattern)


  • Dress (either at the knee or long and flowy, featuring a floral pattern or pastel color)
  • Wedges or flats (high heels are hard to walk in on the grass, so leave those at home)
  • Accessories (a statement necklace, bracelet, or clutch is appropriate)

Consider The Location and Climate

Nearly every outdoor garden wedding happens in the spring or summer months. To prepare for this special event, look up the location of the couple’s secret garden wedding venue and do a little online research to find the area’s average temperatures. This will give you an idea of what to expect on their wedding day.

Even if they set up a tent, you will still be outside for most of the event. Comfort will be of utmost importance in this setting. You will want to dress in wedding attire that is both lightweight and breathable. It is appropriate to wear light colors such as pastels to a garden wedding, so avoid black and dark gray clothing at all costs. If you are attending in the early spring, bring a jacket or cardigan with you just in case there is wind or the temperature suddenly drops. In all instances but especially in the summer, you should opt for cotton, chambray, linen, chiffon, or rayon fabrics.

Take Cues from The Wedding Invitation

Take a good look at the wedding invitation to get a feel for the formality of the attire because the way the invitation looks often indicates the kind of wedding the couple is planning. The couple will probably have a more formal wedding if their invitation looks fancy. On the other hand, clean and simple invitations are more indicative of a casual, laid-back garden wedding.

Think About The Time of Day

When attending a wedding at a garden venue, you should also base your clothing choice on the time of the event. For example, if it occurs during the day, you will want to wear something made of breathable material that looks nice and will not make you uncomfortable in the sun. In this instance, ladies could consider wearing a knee-length chiffon dress, and men could opt for a colored dress shirt and pants with a bow tie.

An outdoor garden wedding that starts in the evening may feel a little cooler, so factor that in when choosing your wedding day attire. It would be appropriate for women to wear a long evening gown and men to wear a full suit and tie to an evening garden wedding.

Accessorize Appropriately

All guests can accessorize for a garden wedding if they so choose. It is common for everyone to wear pastel colors or floral prints to these events, giving you more leeway to choose an outfit you probably would not wear to an indoor wedding.

Men should not be afraid to wear a bolder tie; women can dress up their outfits with a statement necklace if they desire. As far as footwear goes, avoid anything too casual or too fancy. For example, flip flops, high heels, slip-on sandals, or stilettos are not suitable to wear at a garden wedding because they would detract from the wedding and possibly cause damage to the grass.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask The Couple

If all else fails, feel free to ask the couple what they picture their guests wearing on their big day. They may have no time to answer your question, but they will probably appreciate your forethought and consideration. While chatting with them, you may even find out they have a specific request; for instance, they may want close family members to wear a particular color to the ceremony.


As a guest at a garden wedding, it is essential to consider the event’s location, the time of day you’ll be attending, and the couple’s guidelines for the dress code. These details will help you understand what you should wear on the big day. In the end, the happy couple will appreciate your support and be thrilled to see you at their wedding, so don’t fret too much about finding the perfect outfit. If all else fails, or if you want help planning your own outdoor garden wedding, please contact us, Eden Gardens, for all your wedding preparation needs.