10 Unique Corporate Event Ideas Your Team Will Actually Love

Hosting a corporate event can significantly enhance communication and teamworking skills among coworkers. The thought of corporate events tends to make many people groan when they should be geared toward fun and excitement. Plan a unique corporate event to help your team bond and discover the true meaning of teamwork. Please read about our ten unique corporate event ideas to give you inspiration for your next corporate-level activity that is bound to keep everyone engaged.

Team Kayak Adventure

Kayaking requires teamwork, no matter how many people are in the kayak. Putting a large group of people into a giant kayak will most definitely have its challenges, and it is a unique way to get people out of their comfort zone. Overcoming obstacles and learning to communicate with each other on a team kayak adventure will foster deeper working relationships.

TV Game Show

Test your knowledge by creating your version of a TV game show at your corporate event. Games like Deal or No Deal, The Price is Right, or Let’s Make a Deal would be a ton of fun. Allowing the rest of the “audience members” to play along with them will foster a feeling of camaraderie. Let everyone have fun with it and keep score so you can hand out fun prizes at the end of the corporate event.

Attend a Local Sporting Event

A local sporting event provides an excellent opportunity to watch something together and make lasting memories. Reserve front-row seats so everyone can get in on all the action. You can take it a step further by placing “bets” with each other about how you think the game will go and give prizes to the coworkers that got the closest to guessing the final score.

Outdoor Banquet

An outdoor banquet is another fun idea for a corporate event. A seasonal fall banquet could quickly become a corporate Halloween party. Invite everyone to come dressed as their favorite movie character and have a spooky fun banquet that ends with feeding each other “dirt” (chocolate pudding with gummy worms) while blindfolded. You could also bring “Minute to Win it” style games, such as making people into “mummies” to add an exciting twist to the banquet.

Karaoke Party

Everyone loves a good karaoke night, so why not host one for your next corporate event? Singing and showing your inner rockstar on stage will bring out everyone’s fun side. Make the party interactive by setting up an “applause-o-meter” to encourage people to cheer each other when it is their turn. If you have a large enough budget, you should hire a live band to play at your corporate event venue to keep everyone pumped.

Retro-Themed Arcade Adventure

Arcades bring out the inner child in all of us. There is no better way to help people loosen up than through play. Have everyone dress up in their favorite neon colors and bring the arcade to your event by doing a Wreck-it-Ralph-esque theme where people get ranked depending on how well they complete a series of mini-games. If you have enough space, you can bring classic games such as Pong, Pac-Man, and Frogger to life.

Bonfire Picnic

Test everyone’s fire-making skills and split everyone into groups to see who can start a fire the quickest using only primitive methods. Even if nobody is successful, at least they (hopefully) learned how to communicate and work together more effectively. Serve classic picnic foods for dinner and break out the marshmallows to put that bonfire everyone built to good use. You could even set up a s’more-making competition to see who creates the most elaborate structure made entirely from s’mores.


Zorbing is a unique activity that is sure to keep everyone active. There is such a thing as human zorb bowling and football zorbing, both very competitive and will encourage all the teams to work hard trying to beat each other. Having some zorbing competition would be excellent at an outdoor corporate venue, and it will surely be memorable.

Outdoor Cinema

Enjoy a movie night under the stars with a giant outdoor movie screen and prepare a Jeopardy quiz game to play after the movie. This activity will keep everyone guessing and trying to remember details from the film. You may even decide to play the most iconic episodes from “The Office” and create unique games based on the shenanigans in those episodes.

Magic Show

Grab everyone’s attention by hiring a professional magician to perform a magic show at your corporate event. Some magicians are willing to tailor their magic to your group using close-up magic. If they often use audience participation in their acts, that’s even better.


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