Venue for Corporate Events and Company Parties

Eden Gardens is the ideal location, whether you want to do something as small and intimate as a business dinner or something as big and rowdy as a company holiday party. There are times when your office or conference room is not suitable for what you are hoping to accomplish, and when those times arrive, fortunately, Eden Gardens is just one call away. The property and service are exceptional for whatever your needs are. With year-round availability and four acres of beautiful gardens to accommodate 50 to 300 guests, you can host your next fundraiser, team building event, company picnic, or any other event you would like to plan. Eden Gardens is the gold standard for outdoor corporate venues.

Benefits of Corporate Events

In business, nothing makes you happier than making a profit and seeing that your fellow employees are delighted. There is, in fact, no surprise, a strong relationship between the two. Happy employees do great work, and a great job produces satisfied customers who will willingly buy your product or service repeatedly. Knowing that there is a strong relationship between employee happiness and profit, it only makes sense to invest if it boosts morale and strengthens company culture. The soda machine and ping pong table in the break room will only get you so far. When you are ready to take the next step as a business, you need to consider the big splashy event that your employees will never forget. Place your people in an environment where they can let loose and watch as the bottom line grows the next quarter.

Corporate Event Packages

You may select three different catering options for your next corporate event at Eden Gardens. These options are the “Paradise” Served Meal, the “Eden” Buffet, and the “Lake View” Buffet. Each option is customizable to accommodate the size of your group and budget.

For any questions on the catering packages or to have a customized package designed for you, please call Jesus Serrano or Justin Holliday at 805-523-3232.

Unique Venue Features

Eden Gardens will add an element of class and elegance to your next corporate event. The venue was the location for the filming of major motion pictures, so when you step onto the property, you know you are in a setting fit for a movie star. The property boasts thousands of rose bushes, manicured lawns, and beautiful water features. You can find open space, tables, and folding chairs anywhere. Still, only at Eden Gardens can you be immersed in a beautiful outdoor environment conducive to relaxing and having a good time.

To arrange an appointment to visit the venue and venue bookings, please contact Rachel Tash at 805-243-9424.

Types of Corporate Events

Company Parties

Allow your employees to relax and have fun in an elegant environment. Nobody will ever say no to a catered meal and fun activities with their close work associates.


Ditch the conference room and take care of business somewhere with fresh air. Not every training, planning session, or collaboration has to occur indoors.

Summits & Retreats

To think outside the box, your employees need to be somewhere out of the ordinary, and it is not every day that they can pull up to an event with valet parking and beautiful scenery.

Conferences & Seminars

Conveying essential information happens in many ways. However, you should ditch the emails, memos, and training meetings. Plan something incredible that your team with never forget.

Product Launches

Generate the excitement you want for your next product launch by bringing everyone to a location that allows them to be a little more unrestrained.

Team Building

Creating a culture of excellence and forging the bonds you need to produce success should be done in a unique location. Bring the people you need to perform at a high level to Eden Gardens.