Garden Weddings

Eden Gardens is your perfect garden wedding venue! You have found “The One,” and you have found the venue to start your new life together- Eden Gardens. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. Celebrate your unique moment in our romantic rose flower garden venue. All eyes in the intimate garden will be on you as you pronounce your vows. Family and friends will be in awe.

Features as Unique as You

Imagine walking down the aisle through the secret garden wedding venue, the love of your outdoor garden wedding filling the air. White peacocks spread their feathers to share your joy. The big day is finally here! The sound of the bubbling fountain mixes with choral music. The outdoor sunlight is perfect. Perfect botanical gardens surround you. Palm branches sway in the breeze. You have picked the perfect day. You have the perfect partner.

The bridal room is prepared. Your guests arrive, and the valet service is waiting. Thousands of rose bushes bloom across four acres filled with palms, ferns, and pepper trees. The crystalline pond shimmers with light. The bird aviary is alive with life. Your moment has arrived.

Your Garden Wedding Reception Venue

The reception, oh your enchanted garden wedding reception! Surrounded by a forest garden, your friends and family will join you in celebrating in the garden court. Wedding venues that can also host the reception make the day stress free. Eden Gardens offers a variety of reception and catering packages. The trees twinkle with lights. The dance floor is gently illuminated from above. Your garden wedding and reception is a dream come true. Everyone will remember this day forever.